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Hi, I'm Nicole!

I am a heart-centered coach which means I value connection, dedication, authenticity, transparency, humility, compassion, and service. 


My life’s passion and purpose is to serve women who feel a bit bent, dented, or broken. Women who have spent their lives giving to everyone around them and are ready to find themselves again. Sista’s who have struggled with self-doubt, self-judgment, fear, life halting negativity, and possibly even self-hatred.


 I have a fundamental belief that everyone has infinite potential to be, do, give and have whatever they desire...

sometimes life just gets muddy and we need help to dig ourselves out.

I'm not about telling you what you can do and be, who you are and what you should do but rather I help you tap into your own

wisdom, greatness and infinite potential

that is already inside you because I TRULY BELIEVE THAT IS WHO YOU ARE!!!

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Mean Girl Makeover Webinar

Free Offering


The Mean Girl Makeover will give you have just decided to say “YES” to a great opportunity to love yourself in the most fierce, unapologetic way possible.

  • Get the skills to retrain your brain & claim your new truth.

  • Learn how to sit her down and shush her up.

  • Find out what your inner Mean Girl really wants you to know.

  • Learn how to make “b*tch proof boundaries” you can stick to.

  • Shift your “inner critic” to your “best friend”.

My Offerings

my offerings

I can help you with...

Believing with every cell in your body that you are good enough just as you are to reach your most heightened potential!

Realizing the value you bring to the world and capitalize on those skills, talents, and abilities to change your world and others!

Developing calmness and control in situations you once struggled with - all of which will create a ripple effect in enhancing your life, relationships, and financial health!



Nicole is wonderful! I've never had a life coach before but she had this way of making me feel at ease right away. Her approach makes things feel attainable and maintainable. Nicole is incredibly easy to talk to and has your best interest in mind.

-R. Fischer

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my values & approach

how the magic happens

Working with me means you will develop love, acceptance, and belief in yourself, by becoming aware of your mindset and transforming your internal dialogue from emotional turmoil to empowerment. 


I will help you RECOGNIZE your destructive thoughts, behaviors, and emotions and you will REALIZE that they no longer serve you.


I will then help you REPLACE them with new thoughts and behaviors that you can REPEAT every time they creep back in…

Lost in the darkness, unable to find my worth- my mind screamed at me that I was “not enough.” I was a prisoner, shackled in self-hatred and debilitating depression to the point I wanted to end my own life. 

Instead, I choose to find self-love and acceptance and now dedicate that life to sharing my signature strategies to reaching fulfillment.


I am able to teach you the tools needed to change your reactions to life’s situations so you don’t slip back into old behavior patterns. Working together means you will have a toolbox full of ideas, mechanisms, new behaviors, and empowering ideas that will carry you into any situation you may encounter. I help you find your voice and trust your intuition, all while having complete clarity on how to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Not only will you know WHO you are and WHAT you want, but HOW to have it.

And it all starts by helping you embrace the beautiful being that you are and seeing that you’re indeed,


Walk With Nicole

With my heart-centered coaching, you will feel safe with me.

I understand what you are going through because I’VE BEEN THERE. 

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this is for you if you are ready to

reclaim your life

in just a matter of months!

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…Rather than feeling like a stick of dynamite ready to explode, ignite your inner confidence to tear down your destructive thoughts. 


…Instead of hopelessness and helplessness robbing your heart, fill it with the exact steps on how to move forward.


…No longer feel like a broken shard of glass, but a mirror that reflects a renewed sense of passion and purpose. 


…Rather than feel paralyzed with how to move forward in relationships, work, and life, feel a surge of self-awareness on how to claim happiness and success. 


…Instead of sadness, doubt, or depending on others to lift and build you up, you stand strong and proud of who and what you are.  


…No longer lack the resources you need to work through stressful situations but have an abundance of tools and a firm foundation to move toward your dreams and goals.

And most of all, wake up and go to bed believing

you are enough!

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fulfilled testimonials

know what it's like to be fulfilled

I am so blessed that I have had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing people!


Don’t take my word for it… see what they have to say!



My coaching sessions with Nicole are a catalyst for real change in my life, with results that are undeniable. She has helped me to completely change my mindset and I literally feel like a completely different person from when I started with her 7 months ago. She gets me in a way that I can't even explain and because of that she has helped me cut through all the crud and limiting beliefs that have kept me trapped.

I have been able to let things such as traumas from the past go and can feel my anxieties being washed away. She has helped me take action steps to create a more positive mind and free up energy and space that has allowed me to begin dreaming huge dreams and believe in myself enough to start taking the necessary steps towards those beautiful dreams. I can honestly say if you are on the fence, don't hesitate, just do it! We can all use a little extra help clearing out the mental clutter and negativity. Nicole has blessed my life immensely and for that I am truly grateful!


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