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What is Self-love?

Your Weekly Self-Love Note:​

I'm often asked what is self-love?

Most people believe that self-love is all about bubble baths and manicures and while that can be part of it, there is so much more to loving ourselves. And it’s not about “I like who I am” but rather how you’re accepting yourself, caring for yourself, and encouraging yourself - even when you feel like you have failed.

When you think of self-love,

  • Ask yourself - are you putting yourself first?

  • Are you taking time to commit to your own growth and complete understanding of yourself?

  • Do you trust and accept yourself for who you are?

  • Are you recognizing your value?

  • What about your strengths AND weaknesses?

  • Are you celebrating your triumphs AND your challenges? After all, challenges are only feedback for us.

Nurture yourself by acknowledging that you do have imperfections and that there may be things holding you back. Increase your awareness of what you actually need and what desires you have.

Understand how important self-love is for your survival and you’re thriving. When we don’t love ourselves, we cannot thrive.

Your task this week is to Reflect on or journal these questions and see what comes up for you.

What are you needing more of? Do you understand who you really are in all aspects? It’s a good thing to ponder!

At the end of the day darling, you are enough.

Take care,


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