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What would you do if you fully loved yourself?

Your Weekly Self-Love Note:​

Today's topic is, ‘what would you do if you fully loved yourself’?

I'm not talking about ‘I love who I am,’ because that is part of it but it's all those other pieces that we might not like so much.

What if you actually like those pieces too? Or maybe not even like but understand them and could nurture them.

  • What would life look like?

  • What would you be doing differently?

So here's some questions to ask yourself:

  • How would you greet yourself in the morning when you wake up? - Would you say, ‘I don't like today’? Or would you be able to find the enthusiasm to greet the day?

  • How would you bring more pleasure into your life? - I'm not talking about just sexual pleasure, although that is important for us human beings, but other ‘outward’ pleasure. Going out and being in nature can bring us so much pleasure. Being with the people we love, being with friends, doing the things that we love, being our quirky selves.

  • What would you eat? - Would you continue doing what you're doing? Maybe you have a wonderful diet and it's balanced with the goodies and the good stuff? But maybe you don’t. I was an emotional eater so I had to get in touch with why I was putting that food in my mouth and what was going on.

  • What kind of movement would you try? - A lot of the time us women are so self-conscious of our bodies that it holds us back from trying new things, but what if we were so comfortable with our body or our abilities (or our lack of abilities) that we were able to try something just for fun.

  • How would you talk to yourself when you fumble? - Our self-talk can wreak havoc and keep us feeling small. How would you talk to yourself when you mess up? Because we all mess up.

  • What would you wear? - Would you wear different clothes? Is what you’re wearing now hiding something you don't like? When you fully love yourself you don't need to hide.

  • What would you do for work if you could do anything? What’s the one thing you love to do so much that you would do it for free if you were asked to? That’s your dream - your purpose!

I encourage you to gain more understanding, extend more grace, and nurture that little girl inside you just a wee bit more!

And when you do start to feel yourself spinning downward ask that little girl:

  • How can I love you more?

  • What is it that you need right now?

That my friends, is self-love!

I hope that encourages you today and gives you some more things to think about. And remember, at the end of the day darling, you are enough.

Have a great one!

Love Nic

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